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With the explosion of information noise that came with the twitterlution, it can be easy to be cynical with the concept of User Generated Content. The swarms of people tweeting off twitter trends acts as an effective strem of popular information, but one could argue this is just an extension of community gossip chains, just reinvented in a 2.0 world.

However, it’s when outstanding individuals get involved and use twitter as a tool to interact with people that twitter actually acts like the revolution it promised.

Case in point: Imogen Heap.

Create Digital Music wrote a terrific blog post about how Ms. Heap used twitter as a platform to get feedback from her fans while working on the album, explaining how it was made and posting the exhausting emotional trek of putting yourself to tape.

She answered questions, gave insights and even posted joyous videos of her listening to her newly made songs.

here’s some vocals i’ve been working oooooooonnnn!!! xxx on

All of this of course leads to more connection between the listener and the album, encouraging the listener to support the artist by buying merchandise.

Maybe that is the true purpose of Twitter and UGC, not to “crowd-source” out large pieces of work to multiple small workers, but to provide a platform to find the truly talented and be a bridge between those people and those that appreciate them.

2.0 indeed. Exciting times.

SIDE NOTE: If you really want to get your head blown in by some awesome UGC tech, check out the monome, an instrument that Imogen Heap played live on Letterman a couple of weeks ago.


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  1. MattG on February 21, 2010 11:48 pm

    the monome is cool but it isn’t really an amazing piece based on capabilities but rather in form. while the open source minimalism is nice, it does what pretty much any pad controller does. the problem wit the monome is that they needlessly only produce a few at a time meaning that as an average person the only way I could get one is by overpaying on ebay.

  2. MattG on February 21, 2010 11:51 pm

    btw if you like touch controllers the ipad plus touch osc ( = cheapest touch screen controller by hundreds of dollars. pretty nifty.

  3. NickL on February 22, 2010 11:04 am

    Point taken, but I have to disagree on price. There’s generally always a monome on ebay going for around the original price of $499, for example this one:

    Why I brought the monome up though is that because it’s open source almost all of the most used programs with monome come from figureheads of the monome community rather than the creators themselves. It supports my point that UGC gives really talented individuals the ability to share abilities with people they wouldn’t have been able to share before.

    And Touch OSC looks awesome, it’s like an affordable Jazzmutant Lemur!!!
    I just need to get an iPod touch now…

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