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innovationcartoonWhen our group was first assigned to the MSE Program at UF, I must admit that I was a little perplexed. After looking into it for a few moments I was horrified that we were going to have to make an online marketing plan for the Materials Science and Engineering Program.
After several searches we realized we were really going to be working with the Master of Science in Entrepreneurship, which is certainly more interesting, not to mention it directly pertains to this course.
There was just one little problem.


Although it is terrifying to have to work with a program that isn’t even easily found on Google, I decided to stay positive and think of this as a wonderful way to build a great brand for this equally great program.

We have decided to stay true to what our “product” is.

The MSE program is all about innovation, so we want to create a whole new website, under a new brand name, that will be a platform for students and teachers to create whatever they want to.

I know this sounds broad, but we want to integrate all the necessary social media sites and capabilities (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.) into the site and make it a place for constant learning and innovation.

We have our work cut out for us.

However, I envision a site that incorporates blogs from leaders in many different fields, allows people to converse about these blogs and topics, post videos, link to any and everything they want, and, most of all, innovate.

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