Digital Frontiers

Business Strategies for a New World

ist2_864268-nerd-face-1Has the Internet stifled creativity? Hell no! The Internet has given life to millions of people worldwide. From the average Joe ordering a pizza online, all the way to the hot-shot basketball player getting suspended for inappropriate Twitter posts. The Internet has not prevented any person from doing anything. If anything, the Internet has opened pathways into vast worlds unknown by most. If the Internet has posed as a negative threat to anybody, then survival of the fittest kicks in. This is not to say that the Internet “stifles creativity”, just to say that the Internet provides a new competitive marketplace. Change, or die.

The second question is as follows: has the Internet hurt your capacity to think? Again, hell no! In specific instances, the Internet has served as an information based fast-food restaurant. Just because information is merely a click-away does not mean that our capacity to think is being diminished. More than anything, the Internet has provided a gateway to nerds everywhere. The irony of this statement rests in the definition of a nerd. For when one surfs the Internet, we are all nerds. Before the Internet, a bright light-bulb in one’s mind may never make it past the initial thought-stages. With the Internet, any idea can be discussed, created and critiqued. Whether your nerd status involves sports, food or plain gossip, the interest serves as the Golden Gate Bridge.

internetBusiness powerhouses such as Google have not stifled creativity, but rather encouraged open discussion around such creativity. This additionally applies to the countless Internet-based companies around the world. The world has surpassed the days of golden eggs lying within the minds of the few, never to be let out. The nerds of today are becoming more outspoken. Everyone has his or her inner-nerd, ready to be shown. The Internet evokes such passion, intelligence and creativity. One’s capacity to think is fostered by the millions surfing around them. Let’s ride the wave baby, ride the wave.

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